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HCCS Third Grade Students' Performed Exceptionally Well on Smarter Balanced Assessment!

Congratulations to our hard-working 3rd graders - the first HCCS class to do the state test that is required of all 3rd graders in public schools. 79% of these students met or exceeded expectations on the English assessment; 89% met or exceeded expectations on the Math assessment. The Oregon Department of Education anticipates that on average, public school students will score in the 40% range for both areas. For more information on SBA, click here for ODE projections.

Fall of 2015 for HCCS welcomes 2 new kindergarten classes and the addition of a larger 4th grade. Please view Our Teachers and Our Staff to learn about our incredible faculty. And we will happily welcome four teachers from Confucius Institute this year once all have arrived in Portland from China.

New School Building Update: The last round of permits are being approved and the site is still being renovated. We anticipate a transition to the new location before the close of the year.